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Abbotstone Energy Advisory

Tailored Consulting Solutions for the Energy Sector

Welcome to Abbotstone Energy Advisory, an energy advisory consultancy providing bespoke commercial, asset management, business development and M&A services to the oil & gas and energy transition sectors

About Us

Abbotstone Energy Advisory offers consultancy services to companies involved in the upstream and midstream sectors of the oil & gas industry and  the energy transition


We are able to offer solutions tailored to individual client needs recognizing the diverse nature and differing requirements of participants in the energy sector

Deep industry knowledge combined with comprehensive hands-on sector experience provides clients with the means to address the most complex of commercial issues in a targeted and highly efficient manner

Long-standing industry relationships allow provision of multi-disciplinary engagements leveraging legal, financing and technical services as determined by client needs 

Petroleum platform oil and gas at
Offshore Jack Up Rig in The Middle of Th

Core Services

Solutions for Success

  • Provision of flexible tailored consultancy solutions, recognising the changing demands of the sector and transition from supermajors to independent new entrants

  • Coverage of full asset lifecycle providing broad range of services across exploration, development, production and late life/decommissioning phases

  • Bridging the crossover from traditional energy sources to a renewable future via support to the energy transition

Specialisms and Activities

Business Meeting

Key Activities

  • Commercial Negotiations 

  • Deal Origination, Identification and Opportunity Screening

  • Transaction Support, Due Diligence and Negotiation

  • Asset Management

  • Hydrocarbon Marketing and Sales

  • Strategic Reflection, Assessment and Advice

  • Commercial Risk Management

  • Commercial Operations

Commercial Specialisms

  • Exploration and Licensing (JBAs)

  • Operating Agreements (JOAs, UOAs)

  • Transportation and Processing (TPA/TPOSAs, CTIAs)

  • Project and Development Agreements

  • Hydrocarbon Sales

  • Farm-In/Farm-Out Agreements

  • Sale and Purchase Agreements

  • New Business Activities


Abbotstone Energy Advisory is ideally placed to offer services to a wide range of companies involved in the Energy Sector including:


  • Independent E&P companies

  • New Entrants

  • IOCs and NOCs

  • Financial Institutions

  • Investor Community

  • Renewable Energy Companies

  • Infrastructure Owners/Investors

  • Specialist Consultancies

  • Law Firms

Aerial view of tank farm oil and gas ter
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